Client FAQ

There is no cost to have a Staffing Agreement with us! Our Staffing Agreements are "pay as you go" service contracts; meaning you only pay for services rendered.
Since our Staffing Agreements are "pay as you go" you can have an agreement currently in place with us even if you don't have any orders to fill. That way, when you do have a need, we can start working on your request immediately.
As we are a staffing agency, we recognize the need to consider the budget constraints of our Clients, but also the fair market value of our Team Members' work. The rates to our Clients are, first and foremost, determined by what wage our Team Members are willing to work for, plus factors like California employer burden.
We cannot guarantee a specific Team Member's availability without an active contract and order placement. We would rather not get your hopes up or obligate our Team Members prior to even having a signed agreement.
That depends on the details of the assignment as well as our Team Members' availability. We handle anywhere from Emergency/ASAP orders, to orders that are several months out. For Emergency/ASAP orders, it depends which Team Members are not already booked. For orders that are several weeks or months out, it depends on which Team Members already know their availability that far in advance.
The sooner, the better! We advise our Clients to place orders with us as soon as they know they have a need, because if our Team Members do not hear from us about available work, they are liable to make other plans. Additionally, it's important to make sure that your need is genuine. Some Clients attribute our service as a "safety net," just in case they need the coverage, but will then cancel our Team Members at the last minute. The risk in following this pattern is that our Team Members will not appreciate being canceled multiple times, and will then request to no longer be booked with your facility.
Absolutely not! We are a fully compliant W-2 employer and all of our Team Members are covered by our our Medical Malpractice and Worker's Compensation Insurance policies. 1099 Independent Contractors do not carry Worker's Compensation Insurance and may not carry enough Medical Malpractice to effectively cover a claim. We have even produced a video about this subject, which you can view here: CLICK HERE.
Yes! RehabAbilities was the first Healthcare Staffing Company in California to become certified by The Joint Commission, back in 2005. Social Service Professionals followed suit, becoming certified by The Joint Commission in 2010. Both companies have passed the annual survey/audit by The Joint Commission; keeping their respective certification every year since.
For more information, feel free to Call Us at: (800) 642-5031 ext. 216 or Email Us at: sales@rehababilities.com


Team Member FAQ

  • Send your resume to: support@rehababilities.com
  • Start an online application: Click Here
  • Call us at: (800) 642-5031
That depends on YOU! Motivated Team Members can complete all their paperwork within a day, and we can have you working within the week.
You are a Direct Team Member with us! We pay you on a weekly basis.
No! There is no fee to work with us.
No! We are an at-will company. You may terminate a position with us at any time. However, once you make a commitment to work a specific assignment, you are asked to honor that commitment.
For full-time Team Members, the following benefits are available: Medical, Dental, Vision, Retirement, Life Insurance, Dependent Care Reimbursement, Income Protection, and Pet Insurance.
We get new requests every day!
We send email confirmations including where and when your next assignment will be, along with detailed instructions for directions and parking.
Every Client has the option to hire you. Once they complete the proper paperwork with us, you can begin working with them as soon as they wish.
Yes! Speak with our Career Consultant or one of our Schedulers for more details. (800) 642-5031
For more information, feel free to Call Us at: (800) 642-5031 or Email Us at: support@rehababilities.com