Social Service Professionals

“I have been very happy with the places I have worked while with Social Service Professionals. A flexible, independent work schedule allows me to pursue goals.”

– Shelly, MSW – Orange County


Choose When and Where You want to work. Flexibility for Life!

Social Service Professionals provides an alternate career ladder for YOU!:

- Work flexible days and hours.
- Try out new career opportunities in different settings.
- Our highly experienced and knowledgeable in-house team, acting as your advocate, finds placements that fit your interest and skills set.

Social Service Professionals provides a variety of clinical setting options:


- Emergency Room/Crisis Counseling
- Discharge Planning
- Pediatrics
- Adult Day
- Skilled Nursing


- In-Patient
- Out-Patient
- Community Agency
- Residential Care


- Adoptions/FFA
- Homeless Program
- Counseling